A Sunday spring breeze. Your toddler just fell asleep. You get ready for some peace and quiet only to find out that the baby-monitor broke. Fix it? Nah. Hack it!

Two and a half years ago Wirecutter guided me towards my first (and only) baby-monitor. They now have other recommendations, but DXR-8 is still on the short list.

It has its shortfalls. A white-noise filter would have gone a long way, but I can’t really complain given that the monitor has been abused for almost 1000 days. Puts the cost of ownership — so far — to $ 0.18 …

If you install Windows 10 on this motherboard and activate AHCI everything will work out of the box but some HDD models will disconnect (sometimes) when Windows puts them to sleep.

If you are in a hurry, here are direct links to drivers:
Driver for SATA Marvell controller
Driver for SATA Intel controller

I’ve been using the above on Windows 10 with very intensive workloads without a single hiccup.

Intel did create some very stable motherboards.

Why should you activate AHCI?

This one will only appeal to a small group. On this specific motherboard notice that there is an option on BIOS to disable hot-plugging. …

By now it’s obvious you’re doing backups. You have your 3–2–1 backup scheme humming in the background and take comfort knowing that your data is safe by duplication.

You should probably sleep better than most knowing that your information is sheltered from faulty hardware, robberies, etc… but there’s something in the back of your mind nagging you. When it fails, how will it work?

Content duplication comes in many shapes. Taken a couple of years ago.

Truth be told, the vast majority of people who do backups, only ever try to do a restore when they actually need it. …

For all those who are still riding the “Crashplan Home” wagon, you know that time is running out.

The disk is the single component of your computer that will definitely fail.

I always had the feeling I was doing backups wrong. I’ve done them since I can remember but I could never shake the “there has to be a better way”. From early on, we’re talking 90’s, I mashed a home-brewed set of scripts that did the job. It then evolved to an intricate solution involving downtime and Clonezilla and eventually to the ever-present rsync where I tried to hammer life into a differential backup.

The difference between phishing and spear phishing is precisely that the latter targets a specific individual. However we’re now at a time and place where spear-phishing can and will now target millions of simultaneous users.

From: Random Name random@email.com
Subject: your-hopefully-old-password — your username
To: youremail@gmail.com

I know, dragon is one of your Password and now I will cut to the chase. You don’t know anything about me but I know you very well and you must be thinking why you are receiving this email, correct? …

Privacy. Few words seems more ubiquitous in this day and age.

When we started the joyride the world was a different beast; nowadays the TV is tracking you, the refrigerator knows when you’re home and websites follow you like Dick Tracy.

While the angry mob points its finger at the ever so delicious cookie, how did it came to be?

Dick Tracy by Thomas Pitilli http://www.thomaspitilli.com/

Where does the name come from?

There are several explanations. Lou Montulli, an engineer at Netscape in ’94, said to come up with the concept after a brief meeting about producing a site with a shopping cart. …

While running on the beach I stumbled upon the bottle below. Inside was a memorando to the writers future self detailing present events and pitfalls.

In a way, that’s what commenting should be about; a message to thy future self about the why’s of here and now. You’re most likely not the one who’s going to read it, but that rusty piece of code, washed away by years of sunshine and salt you left for the world, will be much better with a message attached.

stumbled upon this last afternoon

The message I found was emotionally sound and really everything you’d expect from a silo…


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